Welcome to our web site!

We’re the Northern California Region, Communist Party USA

Our web site will  feature news and commentary on what’s happening in northern California, across our country, and around the world, including articles from the People’s World/Mundo Popular and Political Affairs.

And we’ll share info on upcoming actions and events, both those we’re sponsoring, and other important actions around northern California.

The CPUSA’s Northern Region has members around northern California, active for social and economic justice, equality, peace, and socialism. We’re fighting for good union jobs,  immigrant rights, ending wars and shifting resources to human needs, quality health care for all, free quality K-university public education, and much more.

We want to hear from you, too! Please leave your thoughts and suggestions on our Comments page, e-mail us at ncal@cpusa.org, and call us at 510-332-6511.

Northern California Region, CPUSA, 6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

10 Replies to “Welcome to our web site!”

  1. I have been getting emails from So Cal CPUSA for quite a while, I believe that Marxism is The last best hope for all of us. I have recently relocated to northern CA. and would appreciate emails from Norcal CPUSA.
    Thank you. S.J. Copeland

    1. I am a Chinese Communist, I also believe that the Marx doctrine is man’s last hope. I wish you all success in your career. At the same time, I hope that we can become comrades and friends and contribute to socialism.

  2. I am a Chinese communist. I also believe that Marxism is the last hope of the world. I wish I could use it to change the world. Can we make friends? Let us become comrades and partners, fighting for the future together!

  3. Good day Comrades
    I live in Gilroy Ca and have just recently joined the CPUSA, I have for 50 years been involved in left and left of center politics but never took the leap to communism, I now regret that reticence and would like to become more involved.
    Please add me to your E-Mail list

    1. I am very happy to do so, but I really don’t know your mailbox, this is my email address :steelivan@outlook.com. Please write to me and let me know that it’s you. By the way, could you tell me about your work in the party? thank you!
      I would appreciate it if you could contact me by email as soon as possible.

  4. Dear Gary Mueller
    I want to do this, but I really don’t know your email address, this is my email address:steelivan@outlook.com.Please write to me and let me know that it’s you. By the way, could you introduce your work in the party? thank you.
    I would appreciate it if you could contact me by email as soon as possible.

  5. I am on your email list and received an email from you about a meeting that occurred in Morgan Hill with Zoe Lofgren concerning immigrant rights. But when I clicked on the link, the article was missing. What happened?

    1. The admin (me) pressed publish, instead of scheduling the post for the date I wanted it to go out, and it automatically generated an email to subscribers. My apologies. The article will be published soon. Thank you!

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